An Era Passes

 Art @ Suite 100

4010 Washington, Suite 100 * Kansas City, Missouri 64111

 To Friends, Family, and Fans:

Since September of 2010, my colleagues and I at Suite 100 have hosted four art openings a year, initially in conjunction with Penny Thieme at the VALA Gallery, and later with my independent curation.

For the last four years, we have also hosted a benefit for SAFEHOME and Rose Brooks Center.  That effort started as a tip jar at the Art @ Suite 100 September opening in 2014, which took place on my birthday.  We raised $750 and divided that pot between the two agencies.

In 2015, we added an auction which had, if memory serves, 10 items.  We raised about $2100, again, divided between SAFEHOME and Rose Brooks Center.  In 2016, we expanded the auction and hence the revenue, raising $3200.  As with prior years, we divided the entire take between those two agencies, whose work with survivors of domestic violence does so much good for so many.

This year, we decided to do a benefit for agencies who serve First Responders.  We threw together a show with current and retired First Responder audiences, and raised money for agencies such as Warriors Ascent, Surviving Spouses, and the Good & Welfare Fund associated with the Independence Fire Fighters union.

Then, last month, we had our fourth benefit for SAFEHOME and Rose Brooks Center.  With the phenomenal support of a wonderful committee, we raised over $4000.00, to be divided between SAFEHOME and Rose Brooks Center.

Along the way, our art openings have allowed scores of local and regional artists to reach members of our community who have appreciated and bought their art, and ordered commissions.  We also held a Writers’ Workshop for children staying in SAFEHOME, raising the funds to do so through a crowd-funding website.

Along the way, we took no funds from any artist.  We hosted the openings, did the marketing, and provided the venue including a Gallery System to more beautifully present their art.

I regret to inform everyone that Art @ Suite 100 will not produce any more shows in the space it has been occupying.  I am revising my practice, slowing down, and eventually, moving to Northern California. My colleagues in Suite 100 are also leaving the space.  While the concept of a public art space and possibly even the brand might resurface, this is the true end of an era.

I cannot say what will happen in the future.  I hope we can organize a benefit for SAFEHOME and Rose Brooks Center next year, somewhere, some how.  I will be connected to that effort and support it from afar.  Nothing would please me more than to see that legacy continue.

As with any speech, this one includes heartfelt and unending thanks. I cannot list everyone, so I will list no one.  I will say, merely, that every soul who touched Art @ Suite 100 over the last seven years has left an indelible and angelic mark on my heart.  Thank you.

Support local art.  And remember, wherever you go, whatever you do, never forget that somewhere there is a person who feels as you do about the causes you support .  Find them. Join with them. Do good.  Leave every corner of the world you occupy improved by your effort.

With much love and affection to all,

Corinne Corley

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