Art @ Suite 100

4010 Washington, Suite 100 * Kansas City, Missouri 64111

The Professionals of Suite 100 host four art events each year, in March, June, September, and December.


“Hosting art is both a generous and a selfish act. . .

“By hosting artists, we get to enjoy beautiful, powerful, haunting, and lively artwork all year, while providing a venue for artists that might not otherwise reach our guests in traditional art galleries in the Crossroads or elsewhere downtown.”

— Corinne Corley, coordinator, ART @ SUITE 100

The professionals of Suite 100 are:

  •  Corinne Corley, attorney at the Corley Law Firm, 816-753-5556
  • Jim Lloyd and Jim MacLaughlin, business financial advisors DBA Lloyd & MacLaughlin, 816-221-1663
  • Matthew Leisman, wealth management advisor, DBA Westport Advisory Group LLC,  816-293-2569
  • Theodore G. Hughes IV, Attorney at Law; The Hughes Law Firm

Art @ Suite 100 does not charge a fee for artists who display work at our venue.  We finance the opening reception and any marketing.  We do not charge a commission for the sale of works.  The Professionals of Suite 100 are honored to promote local and regional artists and consider ourselves quite blessed to enjoy such fine work in our suite.

News and information about the ART @ SUITE 100 venue